Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yuva - My Review

(Imported from my old weblog May 24, 2004)

You people want it to be timepass. Well...I don't know what it means.
Are honest views forbidden from timepass chains?

I think it was one of the movies I enjoyed the most. It showed the
youthful enthusiasm winning without really turning criminal. It's OK to
be emotional about the people, society, nation...and it does succeed.
Being ambititious, blatantly selfish, consumerist....and all that is
cool in this age of ultracapitalism, but being strongly concerned for
people around you, having a strong urge to see things turning better
around you is also cool. That was the message.

Most likeable thing of all was the main protagonist: A researcher who
finds staying back at homeland a perfectly logical alternative against
flying away in search of greener pastures. An intellectual who discusses
Quantum Physics with his fellows in the darkness of a prison cell. A
scientist who doesn't sing mushy mushy love songs for his beloved, but
gets away perfectly clean by giving her some pure intellectual stuff
which is perfectly incoherent to her. Added to that he does fistfighting
as well as all the rest. A charater which was almost a perfect mix of
identification and idolisation! I loved it! :)

As Pritesh says, Rani and Abhishek were cool. Ajay Devgan was simply
stupendous. If he looked older than the age shown, I didn't feel it.
Kareena was tolerable. Thankfully she was well draped despite playing a
modern girl. Her getup of Asoka and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum still give me
nightmares. I felt it was right that exit of Rani Mukherjee from stage
wasn't any more filmy.

I found Om Puri and Anant Nag both terribly under utilised. Om Puri's
acquired Bengali accent was at times getting on my nerves, but towards
the end it was getting better.

And finally, though this kind of thought is not all that typical of an
MCP like me. But it strike me that the young women in the movie, though
playing good roles, always remained in the background the main issues of
the movie. Perhaps, portraying at least one of them taking a more
leading role in the political things would have given a more complete
look to the movie. After all, 50% of the youth are female.

Chal. I already see many 'delete' buttons being pressed.


Sambaran said...

Just wanted to openly view my disagreement with you regarding kareena kapur in ashoka. I plan to get hold of ashoka-CD just to get my eyeful of kareena. She evokes feelings (or should I say passion) which are better not reproduced in an open blog. And the body-paints all over her had me drooling open mouthed like a street-dog in summer. I thought that body-painting will get a major boost among girls after that movie but it did not happen. I guess more people agreed with your view about kareena rather than mine.

Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

Good we all have different tastes. We already have enough wars!