Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Welcome All!

(Imported from my old Weblog, November 26, 2003)

This weblog will features a lot of letters that I have written to my friends over the past few years. I don't really get to sit down and write things like stories, essays and such things these days. My explicit interest in things philosophical anyway place me oddly in my technical fraternity. So, my circumstances preclude me from taking to this activity very aggressively. Nevertheless, I happen to write a lot. In the form of anecdotal, philosophical, and sometimes sentimental letters. If I have documented myself and my thoughts with any truth and depth, then it is through such letters. They are spontaneous, truthful and serious. And they are full with whatever wisdom I possess.

They should make an interesting reading. And they may even evoke comments and discussion. I hope, through this marvellous weblogging facility, my letters will be seen and read by many an intellectual, and will in turn trigger good and fruitful thinking in minds of many people.


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