Friday, October 26, 2012

On Durga Puja

I identify Durga Puja with:

  • The food stalls
  • Kids playing: infact this sight tops the things which bring back the memories of Durga Puja in my childhood
  • Women dressing up
  • Idol decoration
  • Cultural programmes
  • Bhog
  • The Puja arena minus the crowd
  • Dhaak sound
  • Smell of pandal
  • Family visiting the pandal
  • Returning home late in the night after watching the cultural programmes
  • The slight depression on and immediately after Dashami

I don't identify Durga Puja with:

  • So much vanity, whether of one's dressing or of one's religiousness
  • Noise
  • Crowd
  • Unhygienic food
  • Parking woes (recently added)
(Now how much more brief can one be than this?!)