Monday, November 17, 2008

Dostana - A Review

Sorry guys! Things have come to the pass that the things which occupy my mind these days are crappy movies. But if that's the case, then so be it. Here's a review for Dostana, the crappiest movie of the year (I know the year's not over yet, but for the sake of human-race, I hope there won't be another movie matching it in quality).

The movie is about gays. Sorry! It's about gay jokes. For three hours, they torture you with slapstick jokes about male-homosexuality. All possible bad jokes that can be made about gay-matter, are made during the movie. There's no more cheap-talk you will be left with about gays after you have experienced it.

Of course, if you are a teen-ager, or a young adult with brains of a teen-ager, you will laugh throughout the movie, because gay jokes are an in-thing today, and not laughing at them may result in your being tagged as prude. The show we went to (for which I did an advanced booking of tickets) was filled with teenagers and young adults with brains of a teen-agers, and they were all laughing throughout the movie. For everyone else, the time was spent waiting for the jokes to get over and some substance to come in. It never happens.

Miami. We got late and missed the first five minutes. I had confidently predicted that there would be an item song or something with bikini clad babes on the Miami beach. No story. When we entered the theatre, that song was getting over. I guess, it featured Shilpa Shetty. She's gorgeous. Waste your money if you consider seeing her for a couple of minutes worth the long torture that follows.

Here's ths story. Don't bother skipping it. It doesn't make one bit of a difference.
- These two guys are looking for a house.
- They find Priyanka's house where she lives alone and where they are looking for two new tenants. They shouldn't be guys due to security reasons.
- These guys pose as gay couple, and hence are taken in as they pose no threat to the girl.
- Subsequently, both guys fall for the girl.
- The girl gets involved with her boss (Bobby).
- These guys do some jerky stuff to shoo away the new-found lover. Of course, they go awry.
- Some chaos follows.
- The climax scene contains a kissing act (mouth to mouth) between Abhishek and John, which is basically done to establish their friendship and loyalty to Priyanka. She actually gets convinced.

Good things about the movie: Priyanka Chopra carries off her skimpy dresses in neat style. John Abraham looks good. Music is quite nice, sometimes even the lyrics.

I don't feel like writing anymore. Very bad! Don't watch this movie please!