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Narrative Script for Maria's Dance Programme on September 7, 2002

(Imported from my old weblog January 26, 2004)

'What was God's first creation?' The question has stayed with man from the very
day of his own creation. Was the universe created out of the sacrifice of the
primordial man 'Purusha'? Or was it the first creation of God as per a well led
plan, on the sixth day of which 'Man' was created? Or was it out of the
explosion of a gigantic mass at very high temperatures some ten thousand
million years ago?

Perhaps these questions are here to stay. Perhaps our quest for the Creator
may never see its end. Perhaps the wisdom lies in observing and marvelling at
grandeur and beauty of this creation called the Nature, the Universe. Perhaps,
we are here to proudly rejoice being tiny parts of this magnificant creation.
To dance in sheer joy, in gratitude for having been created, for having been
made a part of His creation.

We present before you one such attempt to acknowledge the greatness of the
greatest creation. A dance-performance that tries to trace the story of the
creation of the Universe, and life, as has been depicted by our wise ancestors.
In this, God Himself tells this story taking the voice of a human being for
narration; and of human form, gestures and movements to visually depict the
story of the Universe, of Life.

A subtle story of the descent of the five elements, of life. Of God's
infinite joy, which has found expression in His greatest creation : Life.

The Story begins...

I was here, I am here now, I will be here always.
Here. Everywhere.
I am within you; I am around you.
I am your creator; I am you!
I am the infinite. I am Sat-chit-anand. I am Infinite truth. Infinite existence.Infinite Joy.

And from this infinite joy emerged that little spark. The spark that was a speckof brightness that I am. The spark that you named 'Agni' : Fire. You have
rightly made it a tradition to start all your endeavours with the
sacred union of Agni with his wife 'Swaha'. I have sent the very embodiment of
fire to you in the form of SURYA, the Sun, to give a holy start to each day of
your life; and to bless you with my own light.
In the form of Agni, you could see me. Through Vayu you could touch me. Feel
me. And it's Wind and Air through which you have always breathed me. With Air
you have filled yourself up with me.
I am where everything is. I am where nothing is.
Behold my vastness through the vast emptiness of the space : Antariksh.
Space is like me.
It subsumes everything. Yet it never comes in the way of anything. Vast yet
Modest. All-consuming, yet infinitely gentle.

The Final act of the drama of Creation wouldn't be played without a stage as
beautiful, as grand as the theme of my creation. The white shyness of Sun
wouldn't ever unfold the numerous colours in its soul unless it had a canvas
which could capture so many colours. There could be no sounds heard, no
lights seen, no movements touched, no flow of life, and no fresh fragrances of
animation, if there hadn't been EARTH.
Agni took my BRIGHTNESS, space took my VAST EXPANSES.
Earth took from me my most prized possession. My LOVE. My GENEROSITY. No wonder
that over and over again you have emerged from her. Danced to my love tunes
on her bosom. And have gone back to rest in her laps after having played your
part. All wisdom of your learnings stays engraved in her calmness, her warm
serenity. Go, ask her about all that she has silently withheld : Your games of
childhood, you business, your lovemaking, your killing, your end. Ask her what
she knows. And you will know all I have to tell you through her unending
silence. She is your MOTHER. She is your greatest instructor.

Finally, WATER appeared completing the grand assembly of the five elements.
In her flowed the animation of life. She was the satiating draught of life.
She was tearful expression of your emotion. Yes! She was life itself.
See life in the tiny raindrops. See the mischief of life in the streams
trickling down the mountains. And the gravity of life in holy rivers, which
proceed sinuously drawing lines of prosperity on the huge canvas of
Earth. Observe the vast ocean, which withheld the churning out of AMRIT.
The ocean, which is naive on the surface, but which hides the vibrance of life
in the form of innumerable beautiful creatures for whom it is the world.
Water has run through your veins in the form of your life-blood. And it has
manifested my rage through unequalled destruction too.

Then came the great moment. Then came the moment for which these five elements
had been brought together. The moment when I revealed myself in all my glory.
That was the moment when even I felt a moment of pride. That moment I created
my greatest and most beautiful creation.

That moment I created LIFE!

My consciousness took shape in you, my children. Through life you saw my
brightness, my ROOPA. Through life you felt my touch, my SPARSHA. Through life
only, you sensed my taste, my RASA. And through life, could you smell my GANDHA.
And believe me my beloved. Through your life I have lived too.

I have rejoiced when you have laughed.
I have felt being loved when you have loved each other.
I have strained through each drop of honest sweat you have dropped over your

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