Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Love Animals

(Imported from my old weblog January 8, 2005)

Soon there'll be reports that breathing is too dangerous! Buy oxygen
cylinders or die!

These docs are crazy. They do research similar to ours. Publishing one
paper and then publishing another proving the first one wrong.

Be careful in handling pets. Wash your hands after stroking them. Keep
clean. Be hygenic.

But more importantly, do love animals. They are far far better than
humans in reciprocating your affection for them. They aren't mostly very
useful as humans are. But such beautiful things are got from them only
when you love them:

Innocent, simple, beautiful eyes full of affection.
A perpetually playful mood that's as good as anything in lifting the mood.
Such modesty as humans can never have.
And above all, a feeling of love that has nothing to do with pride, ego.
Pets are far better than us in becoming a part of the family, in becoming
a friend both to papa, and son, and the grandson and Grandpa.

People spend so much time and effort in looking for a human with such
qualities. Mostly they never find him. Pets are replete with such precious

Love animals as you love people.

The simple villager, not a greenpeace activist!

PS: That's in addition to the suggestion that you should keep clean, not
to refute that.

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