Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Active and Passive Passion

(Imported from my old blog May 31, 2005)

Perhaps, I have just stumbled into the reason of my recent decline in reading habits. I am finally finding it substantially easier now to read research papers. It's rather sudden. I feel it's since I actually started considering writing papers my own business, and got started with writing one myself.

My impression about creative writing has been for sometime that it is a very pleasurable but energy consuming activity. Keeping away from it would save me that much energy. However, I have been suffering a steady decline in my reading habits off late. Reading gives me a strong urge to write too. Therefore, keeping away from reading would help me keep away from writing too. That was the idea.

However, it's suddenly appearing as though, there's a reverse flow too. While I consider creating literature as my business, I would have to urge to enjoy literature created by others too. I think it applies to most of the other aspects of my personality too. If I enjoy a form of activity, I would enjoy it from both sides of it. As a doer as much as an audience. Enjoying something just as an audience seems like impossible for me, unless it's something as high budget and vulgar as a movie.

My reading habit hasn't gone down by itself. My involvement in writing creative stuff has gone down. And that has caused the downslide.

Hmm! Now, what do I have to infer further from it?

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