Monday, March 13, 2006

More Patriotism

(Imported from my old weblog March 11, 2004)

I too take the cribbing sessions of resident and non-resident Indians a
part of their wish to escape. By cribbing, they are just collecting
excuses to run away and stay away.

The best and the strongest ones will stay back and bring out the real
India from inside it. The best this country can get from outside is
money, consumer good, and some technical knowhow. All that is incapable
of turning the fate of the nation. The thing our country needs most
badly is to realise is that creation is a part of our cultural and
national character. The urge to create should never make you snap your
ties with your motherland.

Oscar Wilde said, 'Patriotism is the virtue of the malicious.' That
holds true when all nations mind their own business. We can't let our
inferiority complex be a fodder for somebody else's vanity. Quite a few
of them depend on our continuing to feel inferior for their continuing
to feel superior. They depend that creation doesn't happen from here.
And if creativity takes birth here, it ultimately finds its way to their
home. Alas, with creativity, this body hosts many a vice. Greed, vanity,
cowardice. These are made use of to pull the creative minds away from
their home. So, that the whole nation keeps thinking that people capable
of doing some worthwhile are rarely born here. And if they are, this
nation can't retain them.

That's not acceptable.

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