Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Strange Title

Of course,
The prime reason was that blogspots asked me to name my blogs, and I couldn't think up something more appropriate. Anyway, now I have to stand by it!

I am always distressed by the way people interpret and misuse philosophical statements that glorify simplicity and related things. A simple man is a happy man, they say. The answer to many profound questions is very simple, to quote another.

I don't disagree with all that. But I still feel that the state where this realisation descends can't be earned just like that. One has to take a very long journey, perhaps to arrive at the starting point. But having made that journey and not having made that creates a world of difference.

I am a researcher, by my profession, and by my fundamental nature. Searching and thinking is as fundamental to my nature as eating and sleeping. If a statement tries to discredit thoughtfulness in any way, it's like a death blow to me. I can't stop thinking. I can't live a thoughtless life.

All thinking that I do is to reach that state of simplicity. I feel, that simplicity can't be mine by the absence of complexity; but by understanding it, and controlling it.

My life's goals are all housed in the prestine concept of simplicity. But I am avowed to reach them through the complicated path of thinking and knowing. Perhaps they call it gyan yoga.


fuse me said...

Its like someone said, Linux is a simple operating system. It only takes a Genius to understand its simplicity.

fuse me said...
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fuse me said...
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Pritesh said...

Chand shabdon ka title aur samjhaane ke liye itna bada blog! Sujju, ye kya hai?