Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Angel Game in Rhythmica

Christmas approaching. This means a lot of fun in our music group. We play the
secrete angel game. I guess you must be aware of this game. Here's a summary. All of
us meet at a place. Chits are written for each of us. Then eacho f us picks up a chit.
I become the angle of the person whoe name I get. I send him/her gifts and goodies for
as long as the game runs. Of course, in turn, I recieve gifts from my angel, whose
identity remains a secret for me. Depending on the creativity and enthusiasm, the
process of receiving the gift could be arbitrarily callenging (and interesting). We
have a yahoogroup for this group from which the members can send anonymous postings.
Thus, communication happens, but the person remains a secret. Some amount of
disruptiveness has a natural place in this game. So, these disruptive elements (which
may include me, but I would not tell you :)) send fake messages and gifts, primarily
to increase the confusion in the group. Overall effect of this, of course, is very
Of course, one side effect is that your mailbox gets filled up with hundreds
of mails everyday, most of which is junk.

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