Friday, December 23, 2005

Shankar's Nostalgia

Here's what Shankar wrote: (reproduced without permission!)
Just thought of sharing this with you all.
When I was walking down to the bus stop today, I saw two kids walking down to the school. Well you may ask me what is new about it. everyone does and this is everyday affair.
What I saw was the elder kid about 5-6 years old carrying the bag of his younger brother and cajoling him to move fast, pulling him, patting his head while the younger half asleep more interested in the activities across the road. when i saw this, i remebered my childhood days when my elder brother used to do the same. Such incidents must have happened in everyone's life but in due course get buried under the rubble of today's fast moving world. Not that I don't have love or affection for my brother, but are losing out trying to be too professional?


...and here was my reply:
Hi Shankar,
You have a good precious beautiful heart! God bless you! :)
Change is the rule of life. But they needn't always change for the worse. But some joys are always bartered for some other. That's how the game goes.

We needn't always think that 'we are trying to be too professional.' Everything has its own good and bad points. You are one lucky chap to be staying with your family. But I have been away from them, now for almost a decade. Call it profession; but our ancestors have called it 'kartavya.' We all have to part with our dear ones at the call of duty. We have a duty to fulfil. To science, to society, to ourselves and our family. We miss them; and they miss us. But we both know that I am on my way to fulfil my destiny.

I feel that's quite fair. Isn't it?

Thanks for the nice thoughts to think on.


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Pritesh said...

Sujju, I perfectly identify with what you are talking about!! Having stayed away from the family for 8 years has made me miss out on those precious moments that I wouldn't have valued had I been home. Small things we took for granted when we were at home have become priceless memories now! And I really look forward to the times when I can stay in the middle of my family, not worrying about my profession! :)