Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Joy of Living

In fact, to lead a neat life, where we are healthy, disciplined, adventurous,
social, and productive all at the same time requires a lot of energy. There was a time
long back when my self-image was that of an absent-minded professor. I never felt a
pang of guilt when I left my room untidy; or failed to keep a neat attire. Now,
things have changed for me. In my early youth years, my intellect was the most
treasured and pure thing for me, which would preempt all other aspects of my life.
Over the years, the emphasis has shifted. Those intellectual activities please me as
much now, but not the cost of other aspects. I feel, staying healthy and happy, keeping
a productive routine, enjoying other good things -- for instance food and sleep, are
as important as being intellectually productive. In fact, the objective is to lead a
life which I would honestly feel that others would love to lead. But as I told above,
it requires a lot of energy to be like that. It's so easy to be consumed into thoughts
full of wrathful determination to prove one's ability; it's so difficult to remain
peaceful,, and make productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, a natural by-product
of that life. It's so difficult to give 'joy' of living the status of one and only
product of life!

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fuse me said...

I think that you ARE finding the 'joy' in life. I guess we must realize that failures and momentary sadness is a part of the 'joy' of life.