Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hello, World!


I have been blogging for a long time elsewhere. Those IPs went internal to IISc; so those outside IISc won't be able to see them.

...and I have been writing diaries for such a long time. They were such wonderful outlet to my inner world, which is so much more vivid than the world outside! Speaking to myself is always the best way to find expression to my real thoughts, and to breathe easy, since I otherwise am a terrible brooder.

Whether this can play a substitute to diary. I don't know. Nevertheless, there's lot of scope for philosophisation.

So, keep watching.



Sambaran Mitra said...

When we think interesting thoughts, write beautiful mails, we feel good and proud. Putting it in blogs gives other people an opportunity to enjoy what we have done. So far so good.
But what if blogging modifies my thought process in the process of capturing it? What if I 'play to the gallery' while writing a blog? I am a shameless narcissist, I love my writings very much. I reread a nicely written mail by myself dozens of times. If I blog I will spend most of my time reading my own precious writing and possibly comments on the same. That will take too much time. Hence I am doubtful about starting this habit, though the attraction is very strong. How do you cope with these questions, sujit?

Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

Hello Sambaran,

The problem you have cited is an age old problem, not specific about blogs.

To give you an example from my personal experience, when we perform on a stage, that consciousness is extreme. Singing with your original voice becomes a very tough thing to do.

The solution is not in lamenting that showcases inner beauty modifies the purity of the process of its creation. It lies in practising hard to minimise that modification.

We are all narcissists, in varying degrees. And that's always lurking somewhere there whenever we are doing something good, original and creative. But, it'd be unwise to think that just because it is present, it is 'the' reason for being or doing good. It's an adulteration that can be removed through purification. Of course, that's a spiritual exercise. I feel, trying to reach your grand union with the all-pervading through the path of selfless deeds is what's needed here.
It's great that you love your writings. It's good that you gloat over them. Even I do. But, the only practical way to reduce wasting too much time on that is to create so much of it that it becomes impossible to keep gloating. Because, gloating will start eating away on the other more prized thing: the deed of being creative!

So, by all means, I advocate giving an unrestrained vent to your creativity. The sense of difference between writing a personal letter and a blog should slowly disappear for you. That needs practice. That needs doing as much of it as possible! :)

Keep blogging. And let me know too! :)