Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Physicist Experiments With Cultural Studies

Link to the article.

The author, a physicist, uses jargon from Science to write an article he submitted to a well-regarded journal of social-studies. The self-proclaimed crap got accepted. This not only raises serious questions on the real quality of the journal, but on the seriousness with which the top social-scientists are doing their job.

I personally am very empathetic towards social-scientific, philosophical or artistic studies, and find them essential alongside rigorously scienfic studies. But their subjects are inherently susceptible to clouded thoughts, and verbosity and sophistry. Protecting authentic intellect from getting mixed with utter farce is not just difficult in their cases, it's very very important!

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anand said...

!!!.. wish people would write papers in plain english - it will prevent such incidences happening and also make it that much easier to read for others who want to understand/ duplicate the results of a paper...