Monday, August 07, 2006

Truly Good-Hearted People

People lacking in confidence will usually be low-key by choice. The lack of confidence could be due to many reasons. Say, current bad times in education, career or personal life. Such people would therefore invariably appear harmless to others. Often this harmlessness could be mistaken as their being 'good-natured.'

Give them some good times. Boost up their confidence. Make them feel some buoyancy of spirits. Then make a check on their good-naturedness. How quickly does one's success get into one's head? How fast do the nails of conceit start growing with the rise in confidence? Does the person succeed in maintaining the same modesty that he had during his 'bad' times?

I have come across more than one instance of people betraying clear changes the moment things changed with them.

I am reminded of the saying that the true character of a person is seen when he faces bad conditions. I feel it is equally true if put the other way round.

Ah! Finally a simple blog! :D


Shruti T A said...

How does it feel to write a simple blog? :)

Do you think boosting people's confidence is like inflating a balloon with writing on it and only when it's full you can read its letters? :)

Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

Wonderful metaphor! Wow! There's an artist there on the other end! :) I think you said it. I needn't add anything more but to say that I fully agree.

I could write another blog about my feeling about writing a simple blog after having written written so many complicated ones. But I will let it be. Ya, feels really good. :)

Pritesh said...

Very good thoughts Sujit! I have come across many a samples of this kind! Where people's success has gone straight to their heads, I guess, including myself..... And I simply love the metaphor Shruti has drawn!

On the other hand, there are people whom I've seen who've only become humbler as they grew more and more confident! Wonder if they are the rule of the exception!

Dheepikaa B said...

I think you said it right. The harmlessness could be MISTAKEN as good-nature.

Food for thought! Especially, when we needn't necessarily conclude which is right and which is not!! Good or bad for the same sense. :)