Monday, August 07, 2006 the eyes of the beholder!

(From my letter to Pramod Singh, who's an aspiring photographer, regarding what I would like be subjects of my drawings)

Regarding the 'being busy' predicament. I feel, one should not feel too bad about it. Not because of any philosophical blah. But because of the simple reason that there are plenty of beautiful surprises waiting for us at every corner even in our mundane quarters. Everything is beautiful. Right now, I have sitting alone in a 20 seater lab. The tubelight over my head is glowing, casting beautiful shadows of my cell and wallet kept on my desk. If I had been a photographer like you, I wouldn't have waited to capture this! :) Right from my childhood, everyday life beauties have always enchanted me more than scenic beauties. Perhaps, that's one reason why I got drawn towards cartooning. In fact, while I keep fiddling with landscapes drawings for honing my water colouring skills, my final goal is to be able to capture every day events -- people quibbling in the marketplace, grandpa sitting on his rocking chair in the verandah sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper, a algae covered red brick wall with a dilapidated stair-case! Would be nice to capture such beauties! :)

Chal. Have a good day!


Pritesh said...

I completely agree with you Sujit, but then, for people who don't have much talent with drawing spontaneity (like me), photographing it comes the closest! :)

Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

That would offend a photographer! :)
In essence photography doesn't hold a second place to drawing. Though, their apparatus of expressions may be different, their main aspect -- observation -- is the same. Though, I don't fancy doing photography, I respect it as a proper form of art. A well-done photo is no different to me than a well-made painting. :)