Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm sure we all wonder how it feels to be amputated! Especially immediately after you lose one of your body parts. Leaving aside the physical pain, that is! And the psychological trauma associated with the realisation that you have lost a part of you forever. I know that's the main part of the whole thing. But still, apart from that...

I guess, we all have had a glimpse of it on many occasions. Remember the days when the Net is not working! You are working in full flow with an assumption that the paper you critically need to read today is available in IEEE-Xplore or ACM digital library. Or the word you must ascertain the meaning of can be found in Google. yahoo. What helplessness it is to see the mozilla rolling on and on in search of the page and never finding it!
What would life be without Internet?!

Email. I better not talk about it?!

This monday, when I arrived in Bangalore from home, for a full three hours, I was seized with this helpless feeling that I had left my cellphone at my friend's house in JP Nagar. I wanted find out with them if indeed that was the case. I inserted my hand into my pocket! Heck! That's the whole problem. I didn't have my cell. How could I use it to find if I had left it somewhat. How idiotic! And I didn't have his number either. The thought of having to do without the cell till evening, when I would have to drive across to the other end of the city to get that darned cell-phone of mine. God! So many messages! So many missed calls! Mom would call to find out if I had reached!

Almost three hours later, the twin beep of an SMS arriving told me that after all I hadn't left it at my friend's place. I fished it out from a pile of clothes on my travel bag!

Hasn't technology literally added these limbs to our body? They have all the characteristics. They are useful. Their presence soon gets taken for granted. And it's terribly crippling experience to lose them!


Shruti T A said...

Haha. :) A funny and scary post, Sir.

Pritesh said...

You said it Sujit!!!! I feel SO crippled without cell/e-mailing...... I can not imagine the times when people couldn't message to tell each other where they were while meeting up at a common point! Were we more intelligent back then, or had a better sense of direction?

This indeed is a communication age and we are so hooked to these gadgets! A very very apt post! Good writing.......