Friday, September 08, 2006

These Womenfolk!

Truly, I have felt that pang of envy for the womenfolk.

Mostly it arises from my having a strong admiration for the qualities they
have. One is beauty. Let me tell you that I am talking about 'sexual
attractiveness' before I start giving some lofty impression about the word
'beauty'. I feel that it's very easy for a woman to attract a man, and
destroy him completely. I have felt helpless several times in my life facing
some girl, to whom I have no reason to feel weak if one takes into
consideration the higher up qualities, but just because, somewhere deep down
I have a feeling of amour towards her physical beauty. Just because, all my amour propre has been blown to smithereens by her physical beauty.

A related feeling of envy is how proud they generally are about their body.
How they love pampering and decorating it. I remember an incident from my
childhood, when, in one of my cousins' wedding, all ladies of the house had
locked themselves up in a room and wouldn't let anybody know what they were
doing. It seems they were decking up for the function. I remember very well
how I had felt. It was envy, by all means. I couldn't stand it that they had
so much to make out of their getting ready for a function when I didn't know
anything more sophisticated to do than just putting on a new dress in the
name of preparing for a function! Later on, I came in touch with this
idea of making fun of ladies getting late due to elaborate makeup. But,
truly, I still look at their ability to do so, not with a sense of ridicule,
but with a pang of jealousy. :)

Another thing I envy them for is their natural comfort in matters of
emotions. The ease with which they can cry and let their heart out. I would
now be ready to pay in gold for each drop of tear that I would be graced
with in moments of extreme grief, when tears don't just come.

Also, the way they can just pick up a child and shower love on it. I have this strange thing that I like watching kids play at a distance. Often during this spectacle, I get this strong urge to pick them up, and pinch their chubby cheek, or make them sit on my shoulder and run around. But, more often than not, I stiffle that urge. I have this strange impression that kids are scared of my moustache! :( (Are you saying that I should get rid of that obnoxious thing?! Nonono! That won't do!) Women -- starting from a three year girl-kid to an eighty year old granny -- find it their core business to handle babies as if they were born for it (feminists, hold on! It's meant as an ode to the motherly instinct of women, and I would have been very proud to have been born with this instinct)!

Yet, I feel, the roots of all this envy lies in something good, i.e. my admiration for them! :)


Shruti T A said...

:) Cute post.

I have that thing about kids, too although I'm a girl without a moustache. Maybe I feel I'm too big and they're too tiny and if I show my love to them, something might happen to make us equal...

Sambaran said...

Beware folks. Amorous sujit on prowl with certain preference towards kids. Does sound scary!
Sujit, your description of ladies holing themselves in a room to come up with their best looks reminded me of the flower in Little-Prince. (by A D S Exupery).

Pritesh said...

Hmmm.......I loved the post Sujit! I think I find it very endearing to read such a post! :D

I think I agree that there are some things women just ARE good at and nothing can be done about it! ;-)

fuse me said...

Good one, I completely agree with you on this motherly thing. I don't have a mustache, and still manage to scare the kids.. :-)

Rajani said...

The grass always seems greener on the other side...
And I don't think being hesitant about displaying your affection towards kids (or anyone for that matter ;) ) is a gender thing... I've been there many times too...

Dheepikaa B said...


I suppose the attraction part of it making you feel weak - I will agree I have felt that with a lot of men too. I mean the "beauty" of men in the same sense that you meant. So, I guess that doesn't make you an alien! :)

I do remember talking to you about a guy going to a parlour. It is ingrained from childhood.

In fact, I have wondered a lot of times how unable I am to express my anger unlike my family men folk. I feel it easier to shed tears. But that really isnt a right form of expression. In that sense, I do have my own regrets and admirations.

But, I can tell you there are a lot of men who find it comfortable to cry. A lot of women, in the contrary find it easier to scream. I do not accept the generalisation with an appreciable note.

Karthik said...

cute post Sujit! agree with you completely. but i'd just say admiration and not extend it to envy:))))

sp said...

ha ha...very true. In fact, if you think about it, it is the male of almost every species that does the wooing. And for this reason, the male is usually the more beautiful but in case of us hapless homo sapiens, not only do we need to do all the wooing and encounter their indifference often enough, the ladies are the ones whom the creator made more attractive. sigh...