Thursday, April 03, 2014

Stand-by Students

During My Lecture

What's common between the students and computer Screens?

When your computer screen goes into a standby, it comes back up on the first mouse click.

When you are in the middle of a particularly wordy part of your lecture, revelling inside at the beauty of the strings of words you are spinning out, the class in front of you quietly slips into a standby mode. the faces go dead, the eyes turn glassy. And I am sure a very colourful screensaver program comes up on their mind's screen.

And when you end your discourse with the simplest of questions, you realise that your words would as well have been spent on empty desks and benches and the classroom walls. It takes the entire class a while to realise that a question has been asked and that they are supposed to respond. You see a phenomenon very similar to your laptop screen coming alive when you click your mouse after a gap of inactivity: they fidget, the faces become alive, the eyes look startled.

However, one thing that these students do which a laptop would never do when coming back from stand-by is to ask: 'Excuse me Sir! Could you repeat the question (mouse-click)?'


Pritesh Dagur said...

Hahahahaha! It's nice to hear a Teacher's point of view! ;) This reminds me of my Quantum Chemistry class ;) I forever looked like I had opaque contact lenses on :D :D

sandhya vasudev said...

I could add that the more advanced a class the more discreet the screen saver mode!Unlike the tech screen savers these nod at regular intervals too when you look at them meaningfully in the midst of your 'wordorithm'.:)