Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meditation for a 5-Year Old

I think Vigyan is no different than other kids of his age in that he is the most distracted when he's studying. All our attempts in coaxing and forcing him to concentrate beyond a few minutes have met with little success so far. This morning, when in the middle of his task of writing अ and आ some number of times, the tigers and elephants and penguins and robots and demons in his head all started their show in full glory.

So, I tried a new trick today. Told him, 'Look! Your mind is playing tricks on you. Whenever you want to concentrate, it will tell you, "Let's think about the tiger." When it does that, don't listen to it. Tell it, "No, no! I am going to do my work."'

Vigyan -- surprisingly -- was receptive. The idea of his brain breaking into two pieces, each with its own identity, was probably very satisfying to his imaginativeness. So, he seems to liked the idea. Said, 'OK.'

And then every 2 seconds, he went: 'Nono nono nono ...'


Pritesh Dagur said...

Hahahahaha! Thanks for the heads up Sujit! ;)

Anoop Jain said...

Master Ji, unfortunately, these tricks work only for some time :(