Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Off to School

Another new-found pleasure of life: seeing off son to school. Every morning between 7.45 to 8, there's a huge racket at the gate of our apartment complex. Kids and their parents waiting for the school buses. Kids are all bubbling with energy and joy on seeing their playmates. There are handing over school bags, water bottles, lunch boxes. Late comers rushing in at the last minute. 'Byes' and hugs and kisses when the tiny-tots huddle into the buses. Occasionally, some of them (Vigyan included) become a little sentimental and get a bit teary eyed. But just for a brief moment. The energy infects most parents. After seeing their kids get into their buses, parents return home or start off to office. Most are carrying a smile they got from their kids.

What a brilliant way to give such a positive start to the day! :)

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