Monday, July 08, 2013

Birthday 2013

Yesterday was a very special birthday.

Firstly, my friend Pritesh ordered a beautiful cake for me which was the shape of a study table. On top of it were all things I (used to) spend my time with: writing pad, drawing material, ramen noodles, coffee and so on. Thanks Pritesh! For remembering, and personalising the gift to the extent only a true friend and a true artist can do. As many thanks are due to Sathya! He drove to Malleswaram at 6 AM to collect the cake and was at my house at 7.30 AM. Never was someone so fortunate as I am to have an ace musician and friend playing the delivery boy! :) Sathya! Thanks, man! I must also thank Itsy Bitsy Bytes who made the lovely cake. Lovely work of art!

Cake presented by Pritesh, delivered by Sathya, and made by Itsy Bitsy Bytes

Yesterday was convocation day in IIITB. So, I was there at the institute by 9 in the morning, all dressed up. Then came the next pleasant surprise. Our director, Prof. Sadagopan, in the midst of all the business of preparation of the grand convocation ceremony, had remembered to order a cake for me. And I cut the cake in his very office in the presence of people like Mrs. Sudha Murthy and other important dignitaries.

Post-dinner tea isn't encouraged by my dear wife. However, yesterday, an exception was made, and I was served a cup of delicious hot tea after my dinner. And Shilpi topped it up by having tea herself, and sitting (alone with me) chatting for over an hour -- a prized treat for me!

I am thankful for having made it this far. For having had a life which makes me have more and more of it. For having people in my life who love and appreciate me as I am. And those who keep the excitement up by making me want to learn something new everyday.

I'll stop before it starts sounding like the vote-of-thanks speech I delivered yesterday in the convocation. :)

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