Monday, January 01, 2007

Mettupalayam Days

I had a great Christmas. Was on a short vacation at my friend's place at Mettupalayam. A small town between Coimbatore and Ooty. Their house is beside the highway at the edge of wilderness, lined by paddy fields and coconut groves. In those two days, I did everything that marks a vacation mood. I slept. I chatted with my friend and his family. Hogged on homemade food. Drank gazillion cup of tea. Finished a fabulous book. Went on an impromptu hike across the paddy fields, across the small stream over the hillocks. Drew. Wrote. Philosophised. :) I wonder how I could pack so much within those two short days, and yet manage to come back completely refreshed! :)

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Pritesh said...

It's such a sad state of affairs that we marvel at "why we're refreshed?" when THAT is what we set out to (I assume) do!!!! :-)