Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wisdom in Non-Violence

> 1) Mohd Ghori & Ghazni attacked India(and F***ed Indians) more than
30 times.
> 2) Mughals Ruled(Ruined) india more than 2 centuries.
> 3) French, Dutch, British conquered and ruled us.
> 4) China attacked us.
> 5) And at present bloody Pakis are terrorising us( Its a fact that
our Communist Intellectuals respect these terrorists arguing they are

6) Why does this country full of one billion cowards refuse to die?
Why, in spite of all atrocities hailed on it, it continues to be the
most ancient civilisation of the world? Why, though we keep loathing
ourselves, the world keeps getting terrified by the power of this meek
race of Indians while Pakistanis are nowhere in sight?

Just now came back from a talk by Gurucharan Das. And the whole talk was
all about the fact that in spite of all these you have told, and many
more such reasons, India has steadily grown richer, not just the
software crowd but the literacy rates, the poverty
statistics...everything are growing better. According to those analyses,
India shows a far more sustained (though more moderate) growth trend
than China. If you believe him, we all will live to see India growing
into a stronger economy than Japan.

Well, to quote another example from yet another topic of hot discussion:
We men have subjugated and trampled upon the rights of women for much
longer than any imperialist has ever trampled any nation. Yet, we must
accept that women are coming up very strong. Not by becoming like men
and taking up arms, but just continuing being what they are. And the
best thing is: men and women are now friends (hopefully).

Tigers, strong, beautiful, agile, ferocious...are a species at the verge
of extinction. Elephants are not.

In short, perhaps the wisdom in non-violence and non-retaliation is
beyond our comprehension. But over a long run it has shown its toughness
in many ways. A race which makes itself useful for the rest of the
population creates much better chances of its survival than the one
amassing huge arsenal.

Vyagrataa tyaago vats. Aur socho, samjho. Stop having ultra-strong views
and opinions. They skew intellect. Be peaceful and calm and aware.
That's the only essence of our culture which we need to protect.
Everything else is secondary and transient.

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Debabrata said...

Excellent! Vhalo laaglo porrey. Now you've sufficiently inspired me to try blogging!