Thursday, February 09, 2006

Creativity - The Basic Instinct

Two days ago, I saw our lab's cleaner Boy, Manju's exploits with MS-Paint and was amazed at his creativity. How a good talent is getting wasted here! He had built a painting with a house, a Shiva Linga and a snake twined around the Linga. There was another snake twined on one of the branches of a nearby tree.

The house, the shiva linga the tree and the snakes were geometrically correct. He had used some very unnatural colours. But the overall effect was good. The Painting was looking anything but bad.

The creativity that we get to see is not just creativity. It's creativity plus opportunity plus training. It's quite clear that inherent creativity is a much more prevalent virtue in a far more numerous people than we can comprehend. And neither is creativity a trait of only the rich and well-fed. Even those who are starving have live creativity within them. Creativity is so inherent in us that it breathes and speaks strongly even when the so-called more basic requirements are not sufficiently fulfilled.

I feel greatly hopeful that this inherent creativity will free this miserable species of its woes. One day it will.

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Rajani said...

Hi Sujit,
You express yourself really well. It was nice to read your latest post just as I was about to start my day.

Just curious, but are you doing anything about it or guiding him in any way? He might very well be unaware of the enormous amount of talent he has or the opportunities he can create for himself with it...

And I'm blogrolling you :)

Pritesh said...

Hi! Sujju,

I should be glad to help as I promised you...........:)


Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

Hello Rajani,
Yes. Manju gets to spend a good part of his time on a machine in our lab. Although we are strictly advised against encouraging non-members from spending a lot of time in lab (following a number of thefts), we haven't been able to resist the urge to see that chap having fun with the computer. He now know how to use MS-word, paint, and yahoo mail.
I have serious plans to try to teach him drawing. I wish to take Pritesh's help too. I hope that more than helping him earn any money out of such things, I can sow the seeds of the idea that both fun and earn can happen together. Let's see how it goes.