Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Trip to Coimbatore - The Early Return

For the last three days, I have been having a great time. I was in Coimbatore, attending the wedding of one of my childhood friends (I have lots of childhood friends; in fact the friends that I make even now are my childhood friends! ;) ). I came back yesternight. The sensation I had at that time was a sweet, lovely exhaustion and sleepiness, and a feeling : 'Ah! Now that was one crisp short trip!' When I was having a dinner in Tea board, I asked Satyam, Maria and Rumki one by one to join me. All of them were in the Gymkhana movie. So, I got to have some nice time with myself. I would suggest you try it one of these day. Spend yourself out for the day, and become thoroughly exhausted. Then go to Tea board and sit alone on one of the corner tables with a bowl of noodles and a cup of Tea. You are bound to have a memorable time with yourself. :)

We boarded Kanyakumari Express on Wednesday night. And were in Coimbatore at 5 AM, thursday. I went to Karthik's place first. Finished my breakfast there. I started off to the marriage place at about 9 AM.

I am also happy that I will be able to attend the Rhythmica programme today evening. The trip was initially planned to be three day long. I was supposed to be back on Sunday morning. Had that happened I would have missed the programme. But the day before yesterday, when I reached Senthil's (it's his twin sister Padma who got married yesterday) house, I realised that it was quite a crowded house that day. I was given the due importance, space and hospitality. But it would have been a wrong thing to expect them to pamper me (as they always do when I go to their place) for three days in such busy times. Coincidentally we had to go to the station that day to book some tickets. And I got the idea that perhaps the best thing to do was to return early. Luckily I got the ticket. And I am back. Good! :)

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