Sunday, January 22, 2006


The greatest feats of a man will never be noticed. Sometimes they will go unseen even by its achiever. Because, these achievements aren't those which makes one proud. They are those which proves that man can survive against the toughest of odds. When there's nothing to be proud of; when there's nothing to rejoice about; when all that seems to be in stock is more disgrace, more disappointments, more pain. When contrary of promises of new gifts, life comes with threaths that even the meagre little things that are there are also gradually slipping away: health, happiness, wealth, youth,!

And yet man marches on. On towards a death that more certain than anything else, preceded by every possible sign of its slow approach. Thank god the arrival is always sudden!

Man's biggest achievement is perhaps in wishing for something, and then going on loving the life with no hope of such gifts ever coming.

Man's greatness is not in his greatness; it's in his reconciliation with his insignificance.
(written in a mood when I was not able to figure out if I am happy or sorrowful; relieved or numbed; alive or dead! All I could figure out is that I still have the courage to see how many more dramas of life I will take part in as a clown! I have just decided to go on and find out.)


Pritesh said...

A very unlike you blog Sujju! You sound so melancholic in this!

Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

Hm. Proved that I am not a enlightened one after all, but a very ordinary mortal. But someday... :)