Thursday, March 06, 2014


Do you know what an interesting thing I have been doing off late? Spending several hours in the library - reading, working! I don't carry my computer or phone along. These are moments of almost complete concentration and amazing productivity. 

Just to be honest, the real reason for doing so is not a meditative mind, but a mind completely messed up with constant interruptions -- students, office, facebook ... My office is like a marketplace of distractions.

This is something I haven't been doing off late; for a long time, in fact. I don't remember when I have ever done it. I was a regular visitor to libraries when I was a kid. That was pre-Internet era, remember! But I would never really sit in a library and study. I would borrow and return books, browse the shelves may be. But would never sit there and read.

This new-found experience is therefore a first-time experience for all practical purposes. And though, right now, the library serves sort of a negative purpose -- that of hiding from commotion, I hope to turn it into a purely positive one -- wherein I go there seeking something, rather than hiding from something I dread.

If this goes on, this surely finds a place in my 2014 achievements!

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