Monday, February 03, 2014

At Crowne Plaza, Electronics City, Bangalore

Vigyan and I visited Hotel Crowne Plaza on a Sunday morning in September 2013. Bangalore Literature Festival was on there. There was a message from our arts enthusiasts' group that members would gather there and would do group sketching. However, no one turned up except us, it seems. So, we father-son fooled around a bit, shared a sugar candy, took some photos, attended a live interview of Mr. Gulzar, and then returned. This painting is done from one of the photos we took.



Shipra Agrawal said...

Vow this is amazing. Your interest is such an inspiration to me. I am having so much fun trying out things at my art class (I shared my first project with you) and I hope some day we can do some group sketching together.

Pritesh Dagur said...

This is beautiful Sujju :)