Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vigyan's Points of View


Vigyan (while eating): Mamma! Today, in school, Sameeksha was saying ice is hot.
Shilpi: He he! Is ice ever hot?
Vigyan and Shilpi in chorus: No!
Sujit and Shilpi (being very happy at their son's intellectual progress) : See! How fast he is learning!
Vigyan: Baba! Look! (points to his eyes) My eyes is cold. I know that eyes is cold.

Cinderella Story

Once there was a girl called Cinderella. Her mom was very badmaash. Her didi's were also very badmaash. One day the horseman said: 'Hear, hear, hear.' Didis were happy. They dressed up and went to palace. Then another didi came. Her name was Pari. He moved her stick with a star on it. Tling! Then Cinderella went to palace. There there was marriage of Cinderella and prince. Then Cinderella saw it was 8 O'clock. She ran home. Her shoe fell on the staircase. Then that badmaash didi wore it. But it was too small. Then Cinderella wore it. It fit. So, Cinderella and prince sat on a horse. And they got married. And they were happy.

How Should We Dine at a Food Court?


Arnab De said...

A girl told Vigyan that his eyes are hot? Way to go!

Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

Arnab's point of view is no less interesting that Vigyan's! :)