Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Balance Sheet

2012 Balance Sheet

  1. Got a job which almost completely matches my notions of intellectual freedom.
  2. Learned swimming. Breast stroke and front crawl (free style).
  3. Started using public transport as a daily commute
  4. Shilpi started her PhD, something she always wanted to do.
  5. Shifted to Electronic City and like it a lot here. It has the useful Bangalore to its north, and the wilderness that I love to its south.
  6. Didn't travel by air at all.
  7. Books read: Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)Pursuasion (Jane Austen), one Dale Carnegie (why not?), Return of the Native (Thomas Hardy).
  8. Currently reading: Cousin Bette (Balzac), Thoughts on Education (Vinoba Bhave).
  9. Learned a bit about functional programming. Read a few chapters of SICP. Am continuing with it. A very engaging book.
  10. Got rid of my pining for research and publication. Now I am partly comfortable with the idea that certain things happen at their own pace, and needn't be considered the only parameter for one's self-judgement.
  11. Got back to Electrical Engineering after 15 years. Was pleasantly surprised to find that I haven't lost much of the touch.
  12. Taught a class of students for the first time. I feel more confident that I am a good teacher.
  13. Met with many old friends and acquaintances.

  1. Started living very far from office. More than 4 hours daily office commute.
  2. Started living a routine devoid of any fitness activity.
  3. Gained my lost 3 kgs. Am back on on 73. I don't feel too fit too.
  4. My touch with drawing plummeted. I almost feel lost in my endeavours to become a water colourist. But for the fact that there's no such thing called giving up, there would have been no salvage for me. Of course, I'll keep getting back.
Lessons learned
  1. Don't react. Let the moment pass.
  2. Practice and preparation are a key to solving difficult problems and good performance.
  3. It's not important to be the best. But it's important to try and be good. It's even more important to love it.
  4. Don't undermine the importance of idle contemplation. It's pure hard work.

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