Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Day the School Reopens

Today, Vigyan's school reopened. Shilpi and I went and dropped him at his school. On the way, there are many other schools. Most have reopened today. So, the roads of Whitefield were swarming with tiny-tots being escorted to their schools by their parents.

Curiosity and apprehension in their eyes: what a beautiful mix that is.

Some schools have introduced uniforms. The kids, all wear wonderfully colourful uniforms. Only kids would agree to wear such colours!

No wonder, my mind turns back to those golden years of childhood with a touch of fondness and nostalgia! Particularly to that day when school would open for the new session. Of course, my memory doesn't take me take far back (in fact, I started going to school only when I was 4.).

  • I remember how the school uniform used to be purposely a bit oversized in the beginning of the session so that they would last our growth till the end of the year.
  • Smells last longer in memory than sight and sound. The smell of the newly stitched clothes. The smell of the new books and notebooks! Most heavenly! The musty, dusty smell of a classroom opened after 2 months. The moist smell on the blackboard just wiped clean in the morning. Sometimes, the smell would be of paint. Black paint. The board would look pitch black, and the first chalk mark made by the teacher during the first period would leave a scar on my heart.
  • Our friends would all look a bit bigger. For the friendly interactions to come upto speed after the break would take a few minutes and no more.
  • The most intense feeling was about the contents of the new years curriculum. The new stories in the Hindi and English books. The intensity of my feeling when I graduated from arithmetic to algebra, linear equations, polynomials, proofs, congruence and similarity, trigonometry...Whether would we be able to live up to them!

Wonderful day!

What's your piece of memory related to the school reopening day?

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