Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Three Pillars of Enlightenment

We bought a farewell gift of three books -- one on popular science, one on Bhagwad-Gita, and one a humour novel by Wodehouse -- for one of our colleagues who spent his last day in our company today. The following message (edited) was written to bring them together:

Science: The disciplined approach of understanding everything through logical deduction, experiments and sensory observation.

Metaphysics: There lie truths beyond the boundaries of our 5 senses. Where science goes mute, mystical metaphysics becomes our guide.

Humour: Zen masters say that an acute sense of humour is the highest form of intellect; and a light-hearted laugh, the highest form of spiritual bliss.


Pritesh said...

Very well said Sujit! How very appropriate! I completely agree that beyond a certain limit, the senses no longer guide you. You either believe or you don't! And well, about humour too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Pillers? :) Nice.