Monday, May 12, 2008

Coorg Trip

Click here to read about our recent Coorg trip.


D said...

Does look like a lovely laidback family trip!

I felt like I was taken back to my trip to the Tibetan Monastery. That was one of the best experiences I had with my friends. The tibetan monks are so eligible to be hit at. Cute-ness exemplified! I just couldnt take my eyes off them.

Lovely photo ride. Nice! :D

Pritz said...

Nice one Sujit. I remember Bylakuppe monastery too well. We went there from Rhythmica and had a good time and ya, the bell! Ananth bought one and I have it with me still. The resonant ound gives me a headache though! :D Looks like it was a fun outing for the family...........hope all of your had a good time! :-)