Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer Vacations

A chat session I had with one of my friends who's in school, and is enjoying her summer vacations!

For us they are things of the past! :(
I never had no summer vacation in the last 10 years.
Can you believe it?!
When I was a kid...
we used to go out all the time with friends....
barefooted...half pant clad...slingshots in hand...pretending to be bird hunters.
...and we would go climb some tree and sit there and gossip.
It was fun.
...and when I grew up a bit, say, to your age...
it was card games and chess with friends in the morning.
Exchanging novels (only classics for me please!)...and reading them...
as if finishing as many of them as possible during the vacation would give us some trophy.
...sleeping in the afternoon for 2 hours!
Having afternoon tea and then going out again with friends...
and staying out till dinner...
having evening bath.
Night time again friends.
Wow! Those were the days!
Ya. Feeling nostalgic!

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