Friday, March 23, 2007

Middle of the Edge; Edge of the Middle

I wrote the notes underneath as a preview of what I thought would be an elaborate analysis of this topic. But after having written them, it looks to me that they are rather clear and complete in what they say. So, I have dropped the idea of making a long post out of this. :) This suffices!

About how there are people who, just so that they can belong to a cohesive group, join extremist ones, simply because in the extreme, there's bound to be more cohesion. They are very much in the middle, in spite of being on the edge.

...and how there are people, who swear by leading a balanced life, and take discipline and balancedness to its extreme. They are at the edge of the middle.

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Sambaran said...

faata faati sujit. Beautiful thought. The brevity of this post adds to the effect.

However, I need more explanation. So do consider it as a reader-request for the long-post. What is your opinion about the later group mentioned in the post? That is those who are on the edge of the middle? You consider them good/bad? Okay, forget about judgement. I am more interested in the characteristics of people who are on the edge of the middle.