Monday, November 20, 2006


Please don't tell them 'there's nothing to suffer.' You know, often some of us are blessed with extra wisdom that helps us look beyond negativities, and makes pain non-existent for us. Some of us are often not so blessed. The wise ones shouldn't give a feeling that the pain the others feel is pointless. That might make some feel stupid over and above the pain. Wisdom is also like a material property. Some have it, some don't. The product of material wealth is comfort and luxury. The product of wisdom is joy and happiness. We should be humble in enjoying (and displaying) the fruits of our blessings.

Empathy is the word.

I know, I don't need to say anything more. You would surely know what I mean. :)


sks said...

sujit, your link to pritesh doesn't work. Can you kindly update the link.

Dheepikaa B said...

Empathizes.. :) I have been tired, recently of, "Don't feel!" s - when all I wanted to do is feel it all completely. Thoroughly.

Wisdom is sometimes a misinterpreted factor, by slashing human emotions - I so think.

An empathizable thought!