Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ask for Your 25p

In TMC canteen most things are priced some rupees twenty-five paise. And it's been my observation that the man in the counter invariably returns you 25p less for any purchase, even though he has got plenty of 25p coins in his drawer. I had been noticing it for some time. I asked him today. He silently returned me that 25p. I persisted. I politely asked him what happens to the 25p that they regularly don't return. Who takes it? He first tried to ignore me. I still persisted. He became very uncomfortable, and started fidgeting. I told him, very bad! And requested him to hike to prices.

Anyway, there's some corruption going on there. No good at all!
If you or any of your friends, visits TMC canteen, please make sure to ask back your 25p.


Rajani said...

Happened to me at the tea board yesterday too :(

Satyam Dwivedi said...

Sujit, may be it requires more visits to TMC to get a better idea of the functioning.

Mostly I take a vada and kesar bath there. Vada is 2.25/- and kesar bath is 3.0/- . But he always charges 5.0/-. I am very regular to TMC since long and I have observed that if bill is say X.25/- he charges X/- and if it is X.75/- and you give him (X+1)/- then he may not return 0.25/- but you can always give X.75 if you have exact change.

And I am comfortable with this as I feel that he doesnt do it with the intent of making more profit and he may not be making any profit this way.

Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti said...

Hm. That could be the case. However, it happened multiple times to me that the bill was some X.25. Ignorant of the policy, I have always given some Y.00 > X.25. He have always returned me Y - (X - 1) + 0.50.
Especially on seeing that he had plenty of 25p coins in his drawer. And when I asked him (very very politely: you know what a polite chap I am! ;) ), he first tried to ignore me, and then got nervous, and didn't have any answer. That's why I got alarmed.

Pritesh said...

Hmmm......I think it's the same everywhere where the prices are X.25 for anything! They invariably don't return the 25 p.

About corruption and all, I don't know but it has happened once that I almost picked a fight with him as he was telling me that the 25 p coin is no longer valid and he never returned it (you know how IMPOLITE I am, so I fought)......I was of the opinion that he should round the prices off to 50 p of a rupee more if it's X.75. What's the point in keeping such prices when he doesn't have apt change to return!

sp said...

Thats one of the best things I found about US. They return back every cent. If something cost 1.82 USD, they will return 18 cents to you in change. And even better, you can even pay them exactly 1 dollar and 82 cents !!

neha mujumdar said...

hahaha :D i loved this post, somehow. including the comments