Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's So Special About R. K. Laxman?

Some Zen master was heard saying 'A good sense of humour is the highest form of intellect.' Think of a person who could churn out humour for now nearly 60 years, day after day, year after year. With unabated standards. That's RKL for you!

Making a good cartoon once in a while is one thing; making excellent cartoons everyday for so many decades is nothing but genius.

A sense of humour at someone's cost has an element of inherent malice. But what do you say of a humour that's at the cost of oneself? I feel the cute Common Man always placed at a point from which he can't do anything but hopelessly observe the ludicrity of current affairs is a deep hurt in the heart of all Indians. RKL satires, not on politicians or corrupt bureaucrats, but on the Indian's absurd helplessness -- that's the invariant feature of all Laxman cartoons.
...and yet Laxman must have unsettled many a corrupt person by the very menace that all his cartoons seem to make silently to all parasites of the society: 'The common man is watching you; and one day he will give you his verdict.'
Let's see when.
Hats off to the genius!


Karthik said...

True. Its much much more difficult to create excellent cartoons everyday than to make good cartoons occasionally.

But I also believe that anyone who can create one really good piece can also create many more at the same level. He/she just has to discover 'how'.

Pritesh said...

I agree with Karthik (the enlightened soul).....and I always make it a point to see that R. K. Laxman strip in the newspaper! It's so apt all the time! Truly enough, Indian common man is nothing but a silent onlooker these days! :(